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A midst the chattering of computer keys, and the non-stop ringing of telephones, Royal Marine Shipping, headquartered in Dubai, organizes day-to-day affairs in the shipping business with an ease that leaves one spellbound. The company provides comprehensive freight forwarding and allied services, especially to east African ports such as consolidating cargo to destinations, transport services, container loads, airfreight,  break-bulk cargo and vehicle shipments in an international transit time.

Established 19 years ago, the company has witnessed changes in the trading scenario between the UAE and East Africa Countries.
Royal Marine Shipping provides fast and capable service with its line-up of trucks and trailers for transporting containers from the port to individual loading sites. In addition, it provides a loyal and experienced workforce for packing and stuffing the containers, and it provides Visa Booking for its valid customers. An organization never satisfied with status quo, Royal Marine continuously works towards expanding its Quality
and Efficiency of Services.

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